Larissa Kaul, M.A.

Exempt from licensure requirements due to specificity of practice

Healing and Guidance for Personal Transformation Individuals, Partners, Children & Families

Practice location:

Phone: 503-974-6135

To be alive in these times often means we have to contend with significant struggles, and we could all use a little help navigating our way through them. As we look around at our cultural habits, it is easy to see how some of our feelings of overwhelm, loss, and anxiety stem from disconnection; disconnection from ourselves, other people, and the natural world. This can make it difficult to know our truest desires and which direction to go next.

Larissa offers counseling, energy work, spiritual guidance, and creative interventions to collaboratively weave connection in as many dimensions as possible, fostering deeper bonds within relationships, the physical and energetic body, emotions, and personal wisdom and intuition.

Larissa is a non-binary*, mixed heritage individual with training in counseling, spirit work, community organizing, and performance art. They have a Masters in Counseling from Lewis and Clark, a certificate in Ecopsychology, and are a senior apprentice with Jai Medina at the School of Shamanic Arts ( They have been engaged in social justice work for about a decade and incorporate understandings of systemic privilege and oppression in their work with clients.

Larissa is available to work with individuals, children, romantic partners, and families. They are particularly skilled in working with male-identified people who want to examine their relationship and communication skills, struggling adolescents, and people undergoing grief or trauma processing.

Call or email (503-974-6135/ to schedule an appointment or for a free 20 minute consultation. Fees are $40 for a 50 minute session. Sliding scale fees are available for those experiencing significant financial hardship.

(*Non-binary: a gender identity that exists outside of the traditional gender binary of “man” or “woman,” also known as genderqueer. Larissa uses “they/them” pronouns.)


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