Your first task, if you are insured, is to either call your insurance provider, or go onto their website (listed on the back of your insurance card) to discover whether you have mental health benefits, and if so, what the benefit is and whether you need preliminary authorization to see someone.

Ask whether there is a ‘panel’ of counselors you need to choose from. Some insurers allow you to only see those on their panel; Other insurers will allow you to see any licensed professional, but may require you to pay a higher co-pay. These are referred to as ‘out-of-network’ providers. Still other companies will allow you to choose any licensed counselor or social worker. About half of the counselors at Wise Counsel & Comfort are fully licensed professionals: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Psychologist (Psy.D., or Ph.D.). Any of them may be able to work with you to seek reimbursement for fees from your insurance company.

The following professionals are either on approved panels or work closely with the following specific insurance plans: