Anthony E. Weir, M.S.W.

Anthony Weir, MSW
Supervisor: Laurie Pearson, L.C.S.W.

Affordable Therapy for Adults, LGBTQ, BIPOC

Practice location:

Phone: 541-829-1929

There is strength and courage in reaching out for help while navigating this life and
it is never too late for you to start over and have the life you want to fully live. Your
timeline is under your control. Your ability to have the life you want is to hold the
belief that no matter what life presents to you, you will be able to handle it; as long
as you have breath, you have hope and as long as you possess hope, anything is

I have been helping others to realize their power for 30 years and I am committed to
assisting in your journey to self-discovery about those thoughts limiting your
potential. My varied experiences have included working with Adults, Elders,
Veterans, LGBTQ and especially members of the BIPOC communities.

As a Social Justice informed therapist, I am keenly sensitive to assisting you in
dealing with everyday pressures, including blatant discrimination as well as Micro
Aggressions. I am skilled in conflict resolution, crisis intervention and Men’s Issues.
I have used numerous therapeutic approaches including CBT; Multicultural
Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; Narrative Therapy; Attachment-Based
Therapy; Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy; Strength-Based Therapy;
Psychodynamic Therapy and Humanistic Therapy.

I see the work we will do as a collaboration with you, given that you’re the expert on your life. I will endeavor to have our time together be a place of respect, safety and solace.

 I am happy to be able to offer the fee of $40 per 50 minute session
for all clients, and the initial session is often used to get to know one
another and fill out necessary paperwork. Also at this time I am able
to offer counseling sessions over the phone or by video software in
addition to in person sessions.

Payment at time of session can be made in cash, check or credit
card. I do not accept insurance at this time. Please feel free to call
me at 541-829-1929 to schedule an appointment or ask any

Contact details for Anthony E. Weir, M.S.W.

Phone: 541-829-1929

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