Carisa Battin, M.A.

OBLPCT, Registered LPC Intern / Clinical Supervisor: Nora Wayman, LCSW

Ecotherapies, EMDR ~ PTSD, Trauma, Abuse ~ Inclusive, Affirming, Trauma Informed 

Practice location:

Phone: 541-581-0103



We all deserve to heal, to find meaning in our lives, and to have healthy, fulfilling relationships with ourselves, others, and the world around us. Clients I work with are often in therapy because they are overwhelmed by worry, stress, and sadness. I am honored to join my clients on their path to healing, as they bring courage, insight, and determination to our work together. While my clients may be at different stages in their lives, come from diverse backgrounds, and have different needs and goals, we all seek well-being and connection. I welcome clients of all gender identities, sexual orientations, backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures.

I now offer telehealth (telephone or online) sessions and outdoor/ecotherapy sessions. Ecotherapy has always been a core part of my therapeutic approach. I believe that our relationship with the natural world is an important part of wellness, and as the ways that we can safely find connection change, connecting to the natural world can play a powerful role in the healing process.  Ecotherapy sessions outside in nature now involve safety precautions including 6 foot distancing.

EMDR is a significant component of my work, integrated with ecotherapies and other interventions. In my work with clients who have experienced trauma, the theory and practice of EMDR offers a thoroughly researched, adaptable, and personalized approach to facilitate the natural healing process of the brain.

My counseling services are based on the belief that you are the expert on your life and that you have the potential to heal. I believe that healing and happiness are achieved through processing difficult or painful experiences and feelings in a safe, supportive environment. I look forward to our work together as you begin your healing journey!

My standard fee is $100,  but I make every effort to make it easy for clients with limited means to find the help they need. If finances are an issue, I’d be glad to share my sliding fee options with you.