Carmen Butcher, C.S.W.A., LSWAIC

Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

"Honest, Real, Therapeutic Conversations ~ "

Practice location:

Phone: 971-335-1225

I am so happy to join Wise Counsel & Comfort! I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all of my life, specifically Portland,  OR. I am extremely vested in our community, thus have taken the next step to offer low-cost therapy to help navigate the difficult times we’re living in.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Concordia University and my Masters in Social Work Leadership & Administration. I’ve spent my many years of public service working with school-aged children, teen mothers, vulnerable youth, adults and families in community, school and hospital settings from all ethnic, socioeconomic, religious & spiritual backgrounds.  My current position allows me the honor of working with people in a local emergency department. I don’t over promise but feel that excel in when I work with individuals who have have experienced trauma, specifically, sexual, physical, emotional and emotional as well as trauma from homicidal violence.

I work from a strengths-based perspective. I believe in having honest, real, therapeutic conversations that can be difficult while offering support, care, (and soft Kleenex tissue for tears, if necessary) in a trust-rich environment. When, appropriate,  I offer personal examples to assist in helping others connect with their own experiences.

Often, I encounter people from our community that I know, both personally and/or professionally, who are seeking a safe space to receive therapy and genuine support but are afraid of trusting others who live or work in such close proximity, especially in the Black and Brown community.. .If this is you, please know that I believe in protecting the therapeutic relationship. The standards and requirements of a therapeutic relationship is held closely to those of a lawyer and a priest. Every individual needs, deserves and is entitled to the highest standard of peace when seeking help. Barring threats to commit suicide, commit homicide, harm or threat of harm to children and vulnerable adults (i.e., elderly, disabled, etc.), you can feel comfortable knowing your story is safe within my practice.

I offer therapy to men, women, adolescents from all ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds and belief systems, and, of course, members of our LGBTQ community, on a scale from $90 an hour down to $0, depending on your circumstances. I am flexible and am happy to discuss payment with you at any time, including changes in circumstances while engaged in our therapeutic partnership.

I offer traditional and non-traditional hours, in my office or via Zoom, as early as 7am, as late as 9pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday mornings 7am-12pm.

If you’re interested in working together,  please call (971) 335-1225. This number is triple secured by way of numeric, iris, and fingerprint verification, so feel free to leave a message. I’m excited to start the journey with you. And, remember, there is always hope; you’ve already made it this far…

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Phone: 971-335-1225

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