Claudia Brigid Mosher, MA, LPC, TEP

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselor

Psychotherapy for Women ~ LGBTQ Welcoming

Practice location:

Phone: 425-877-6837

I specialize in therapy with women. Anxiety, depression, stress and numbness can be signs that parts of you are demanding attention. We can find coping skills that help with these symptoms. I also believe that your emotional pain, your bodily experiences, your dreams, and your creativity let you know more about yourself and free you to make choices that are meaningful to you. I see therapy as a relationship in which you can come to greater awareness about yourself.

Listening to yourself sometimes begins with someone really listening with you. Not everyone had this growing up. A therapeutic relationship is one of the few places in adult life that you can find deep listening and new inner resources.

I have been practicing for 20 years. My experience is that healing happens in relationships and my training has all been based on a commitment to be fully present to that relationship. I first trained in psychodynamic process, or attuning to clients and the dynamics of our relationship deeply. At the same time I trained in psychodrama, working with the interpersonal dynamics in groups. I eventually became a trainer myself. Most recently I have honed my developmental awareness by training in Jungian sandplay with young children and my tools for working with the mind/body relationship by further training in Gestalt method. I bring many modalities to our work so that I can respond to where you are.

My clients have often been professional women, mothers, “crones,” college students, women from other cultural backgrounds than my own and women who identify as LBGTQ.