Constance E. Sewing, Ph.D.

Exempt from Licensure Requirements due to specialized area of practice: Life Coaching & Hypnosis

Life Coaching & Hypnosis for Adults

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Phone: 415-828-2312

What is it like to be you now?

Take a minute to think about that.

If you find your answer disappointing, it may be time for a solution. Through one-on-one conversations, using the tools of the life coaching field, I can help you get clear about your life and then support you as you create your own best path forward.

Using techniques from the field of hypnosis, I can help you find the inner strengths you own but haven’t yet discovered. You are far more powerful than you know!

The time frame on this whole process may be quicker than you think. It does not cost a fortune to change your life.

Here is some personal information about myself related to issues that often trouble people and that may connect us.

I lost my father in WWII and was raised by a single mom who suffered from bipolar disorder. My sister-cousin who lived with us died of brain cancer at the age of 6. I was 10. My nightmares were terrifying  ~ I was afraid to fall asleep. In the same period, I lost my grandmother and grandfather, with whom we lived. Loss defined that period of my life.

What is your experience with loss?

At age 36 I came down with a chronic health condition. It had a major impact on my career as a university professor. I had to resign from my position in the College of Human Development at a major state university as a result of the unmanageability of the flare-ups.

Do you suffer from any medical conditions impacting your quality of life?

I spent many years caring for a close family member who died of Alzheimer’s disease and for my husband who died from metastasized cancer. I’ve been alone for 14 years now.

Are you dealing with any family situations that drain you?

Loss, impediments, and stress can all be overcome. A happy life can be the outcome. I know. I’ve experienced it. Let me help you.

Fees: $80 per session

(sliding scale option available based on financial need)
Evening and weekend appointments available

My Mission Statement:
“You fulfilled, you truly alive”

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Phone: 415-828-2312

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