Greta Reitinger, M.A.

OBLPCT, Registered LPC Intern / Clinical Supervisor: Keith Mackie, LPC

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Psychotherapy is a relational endeavor that works because we are wired for connection.
Though we each hold the keys to our own healing, paradoxically, we often need the help of an
attuned other to identify and use inner resources. One of the most important components to
successful therapy is the fit between client and counselor; so, be choosy — and trust your

Therapy can help you cope with, and overcome, a variety of mental health symptoms.
Often the work includes identifying early core beliefs that may have been your best choice for
survival, but have been preventing you from flourishing. From an attachment theory perspective,
getting consistent, caring, nonjudgmental attention provides a missing experience that helps re-
wire the brain toward health and connection with self and others.

Specialties ~ I help clients struggling with anxiety, trauma, life transitions, low self-esteem/confidence,
relationship agony, career paralysis, terminal illness, and existential crises related to meaning,
isolation, death, and freedom. I am trained in Hakomi, a mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

Approach to Therapy ~ My approach is empowering, strengths-based, feminist, and holistic. Clients report experiencing
me as genuine and nonjudgmental. While I am grounded in attachment theory, I draw from a
range of clinical techniques and tailor interventions to each client. I love helping clients access a
deep sense of permission to be fully themselves.

Fees ~ I keep my fees low and work with you to find options that fit your budget, as I strongly believe
everyone should have access to high-quality psychotherapy, regardless of income. I charge $70
per individual therapy session, with a sliding fee scale that goes as low as $40. Please talk with
me if you have concerns about your ability to pay for therapy.

Contact ~ Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation by emailing me at

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