Jamie Krahulec, M.A. (she/they)

Professional Counselor Associate, R7573 / Clinical Supervisor: Sedona Karlin, LMFT #T1391

I'm a partner to children and adults experiencing struggles with Self-Identity, Depression, Complex Trauma, Behavior, Life Transitions / I am LGBTQIA, Neurodivergent, and Poly friendly. I offer outdoor therapy and use play, art, and sandtray therapy.

Practice location:

Phone: 702-376-7522
Email: jamie@creativecounselingconnection.com
Website: https://creativecounselingconnection.com

Knowing what or how to say something can often feel overwhelming.

I work with people living with depression, grief, struggling with self-identity, neurodivergence, and who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. I specialize in working with children ages 3-12 using child-centered play therapy. During my work with adults. I incorporate sensory experiences into sessions to help people process what’s happening in their world using their own language. I offer walk-and-talk which is therapy outdoors- nature has a significant influence on mental health.

My therapeutic approach represents my personal philosophy that we are all connected to and shaped by one another and that we each have our own perceptions of reality based on our unique experiences and observations. I consider myself a person-centered therapist and use psychoeducation to offer you understanding how brain development nuances show up in your life. This means that I consider it my role to offer you authentic and genuine reflections, help increase your self-confidence, and help strengthen your mental capacity to handle internal and external stressors (that you have likely already been facing daily).

I have a master’s degree from George Fox University and my training includes expressive art therapy, interpersonal neurobiology and psychopharmacology, trauma-informed cognitive behavior therapy, psychopathology, child/parent relationship therapy, sand tray therapy, gender-affirming play therapy, and using narrative therapy to help a person live with grief and trauma.

Being alive can feel really hard sometimes and it is easy to feel stuck in sadness. I believe that every part of you has validity and worth and that even the most unhealthy moments do not mean you are a failure or lost forever. There are no time-limits or rules when it comes to emotions, especially grief. Our brains are incredibly complex and are experts at hiding and misdirection. Sometimes our “bad” thoughts and behavior occur because our minds are trying to protect us and survive.

I believe that no one is defined by their mistakes. I think people are always in the process of rediscovering themselves. Some stories are intertwined with tragedy and challenges, and I think that our time together is for you to tell yours. I consider my role as a therapist to be a person who helps you explore the different parts of yourself and helps you look towards the future with purpose. I want to sit beside you, listen, and hopefully offer clarity/relief. I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Contact details for Jamie Krahulec, M.A. (she/they)

Phone: 702-376-7522
Email: jamie@creativecounselingconnection.com

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