Jane Leng, L.C.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Specializing in Trauma, Grief, Loss, Anxiety, Depression Coping Skills for Chronic Medical Conditions, EMDR

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Phone: 971-248-9071
Email: janeleng@whitedove.fun

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Self Discovery, LLC

Specializing in Adults with Trauma, Grief, Anxiety, Depression, EMDR
Coping with chronic Pain

Telephone: 971-248-9071
Email: janeleng@whitedove.fun

Journey of Self Discovery, LLC


The wound is the place where the light enters you.   Rumi

Congratulations for your courageous step in seeking therapy. I work with adult individuals who have experienced trauma.  My focus is to foster healing and integration of the side effects of trauma such as  anxiety and depression that leave you emotionally stuck and gently assist you to become more fully engaged in an empowered life path.

I draw upon several well researched and effective therapeutic approaches.  I have extensive training and experience in EMDR as a primary tool that I utilize as a Certified Trauma Therapist.  I teach yoga and through the accompanying body awareness, I encourage my clients  notice their sensations, or felt sense, to understand how trauma has become logged in the body and to move in a way that is healing and calming to their nervous system. I also utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy to assist in the mindful awareness of thoughts and how they influence behavior.  Internal Family Systems and Attachment styles are other therapeutic approaches that are integrated into my clinical practice.

I was working as a volunteer in 1985 in Portland and became acutely aware of war, violence and loss of home and country while volunteering with Southeast Asian Refugees. This experience led me to obtain my Masters Degree in Social Work from California State University, Sacramento, graduating in 2004.  I  worked in Stockton, CA, with at risk youth for the next three years. In 2007,  I moved to Portland,  near and for the next 8 years was a Hospice Social Worker while working toward my license, or LCSW which I obtained in 2012.  I left hospice to open up a private practice in 2018 and later received my certification as a trauma therapist in 2019.

My fees are $60 for a 50 minute session paid with cash or credit card.  I am in the process of applying to insurance and expect to take major  insurance in the summer of 2021.  If there are any further questions for me, I offer an initial 20 minute consultation at no cost. Whatever you decide, I wish you well on your own, Journey of Self Discovery.

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Phone: 971-248-9071
Email: janeleng@whitedove.fun

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