Karin Sawyer, RN, CPCC, ACC, CTI

Exempt from licensure requirements due to specialized area of practice / International Coach Federation, Associate Certified Coach / The Compass Mirror, LLC

Helping Women Recover from Burnout (or avoid it altogether!)

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Phone: 734-239-2033
Email: coaching@thecompassmirror.com
Website: http://thecompassmirror.com

Burnout is everywhere.

Professional women/working moms, women between jobs, teachers, students, caregivers – all tell me they are chronically tired, overwhelmed and discouraged. I hear from them how work, relationships – and even recreation – that once felt satisfying and supportive now feel like just another demand on their time and attention. I hear the unspoken embarrassment – and even shame – of not being able to “keep up” or “lean in” or “get it all done.” These women have nothing left for themselves and they feel “empty”, “hopeless”, “stuck”.

I’m familiar with these stories, because I’ve lived them myself. I’ve burned out twice, in two demanding careers. I’ve lived through the physical, mental, financial and spiritual costs of burning out. And… I am proof that it is possible to recover from burnout and re-awaken a sense of satisfaction and joy in living from a place of alignment with what we truly want! As an ICF-credentialed professional coach, I have found my calling in serving women who are experiencing burnout – or heading that way – to help them get back to satisfaction and joy.

Coaching is not therapy or consulting, so the focus is not on “treating” or advising. We are companions on a journey that I am familiar with, and my role is to listen deeply, asking questions that help you look deep inside yourself to find your own answers and strengths. I support you in creating goals that re-connect you with what fulfills you, and in choosing actions that allow you to realize them.

I provide one-on-one office and telephone coaching sessions, as well as group series (office) that explore burnout: its causes, how to recover from it, and how to avoid it. My standard fee is $95 per 50-minute office session/60-minute telephone session, and I provide low-fee and generous sliding-scale fees to make coaching accessible. Visit www.thecompassmirror.com to learn more about me and my offerings, and to book a no-charge, 45-minute Pathfinding Session. I look forward to supporting you in overcoming burnout and living your most fulfilling life.