Kassaundra Lynn, Herbalist

Exempt from Licensure Requirements due to Specialized Scope of Practice

Herbalist & Wellness Specialist

Practice location:

Phone: 541-633-5958
Email: kassaundralynn@allwaysherbals.com
Website: https://allwaysherbals.com

I believe that our bodies have an innate ability to heal and sometimes just need a little extra

My approach to health and wellness is based on the understanding that everything is
interconnected.  When presented with a health concern, I first take a step back to look at the whole
picture of my client’s life, and then work with them to figure out where the blocks are coming from that
are causing the symptoms and concerns to arise.  The 4 main aspects of health and wellness that I focus
on are: Diet/Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Wellbeing, and Connection to Nature.
When we look at the bigger picture, we can have a better understanding on how to bring the entire
system back into balance.

While I do put emphasis on working with herbs and diet/nutrition, other modalities I work with include
meditation/mindfulness exercises, the mind-body connection, and how to reconnect with nature.  I
believe that living a healthful life should be more accessible and do my best to provide affordable

In 2017, I completed the 2-year herbal program at Vital Ways (Portland, OR), with a heavy focus on gut
health, brain-gut axis, emotional wellness, as well as learning about individual herbs and their
constituents. Since completing the herbal program, I have taken stand-alone courses with other
herbalists (including Plant Teachers of Cascade(Psycho-Spiritual Plant Meditation)with Scott
Kloos, Pediatric Herbalismwith Katia LeMone, MPH, CPM, and Keeping Your Brain Brilliantwith Charis
Lindrooth, DC).  In addition to my herbal studies, I practiced Shiavite Hinduism and Dzogchen Buddhism
for 3 years (2012-2015), during which I had an in-depth meditation and nadi shodhana (alternate nostril
breathing) practice, which I still practice today, and incorporate into my clinical practice.

Because the relationship between practitioner and client is an immensely important element of the
healing journey, I offer a no-cost 20-30 minute phone or in-person consult for new clients.  If we are not
a good fit, or if you are looking for something outside of my expertise, I have a wonderful network of
referral sources that I would be happy to connect you with,

I look forward to connecting.