Eric “Lane” Eubank, L.C.S.W.

Oregon Board of Social Workers

Skilled Counseling & Psychotherapy for Adults, Youth, Couples & Families

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Phone: 503-837-3519

Individuals (adults and youth) and families/partners bring their worries and frustrations to me when feeling trapped by old, outdated patterns. Sometimes the whole pattern is hard to see, and I am motivated to not only listen fully and ask some clarifying questions, but also to ‘hold up the mirror’ for your ‘aha’ moments!

When people feel overwhelmed (or hopeless, numb, or in extreme pain from old or new heart-wounds…) we lose some of our creativity and empathy, which are important treasures to bring to our relationships (including with our ourselves). We’ll work together to shrink the overwhelm, then your strengths will guide us to solutions. We discover what starts to bring some relief and build from there. I’ll bring gentle honesty, nonjudgment, and commitment, as well as over 10 years experience guiding people young and not-so-young toward a more balanced self and healthier relationships.

Looking at family-of-origin dynamics leads to curiosity about thoughts, feelings & actions & how they might all relate. This ‘attachment & cognitive-behavioral’ foundation proves helpful, whether people struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma history, stress from life’s transitions, or injured relationships.

With families/partners I coach clients toward compassionate mindfulness & communication of core values and emotions (ala “NVC”) as a base, and I find it very satisfying to witness folks climbing their way out of outdated ways of communicating and finding new depth and satisfaction in their relationships.

I also know that sitting & talking for hours (about feelings!) feels like torture for some, and my experience and creativity bring many alternatives that may include nature/primitive skills, games of skill and chance, drama therapy (it’s really a thing, and it’s powerful!) and horses (seriously)… Practicing using new tools “experientially” helps new patterns form faster, more durably. This applies to virtually every diagnosis or presenting concern.

I am happy to talk by phone to help you determine if I may be the right counselor/therapist for you. I am well-aware of the un(der)insured crisis and maintain a portion of my hours each week for sliding-scale clients. I can provide documentation for your out-of-network reimbursement if available. I look forward to hearing from you by phone at 503-837-3519 or by email at:

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Phone: 503-837-3519

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