Laura Kille, M.A.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, (internship registration pending); Clinical Supervisor: Hilary Kinavey, LPC

LGBTQIA+, Health at Every Size, Sexuality

Practice location:

Phone: 971-333-8945


Thank you so much for checking out my page.  I am honored that you are considering working with me!

As a counselor, it is my mission to help those who may be suffering from sexual health issues and/or negative body image. My education has focused on sexuality and sexual health, specifically how body image and sexuality intertwine for my clients. Body dissatisfaction can often be interwoven into our lives and can sometimes negatively affect our relationships.  

I am “Health At Every Size” informed and a LGBTQI and Kink aware professional. I’ve worked as a sex educator and have spoken at Queer Sex Ed events. That being said, I am welcoming of all types of bodies–no matter size, shape, color, gender, sexuality or ability status.  If you have a body, you are welcome here!

My intention is to help all my clients feel at ease discussing sensitive topics, no matter what they are. We, as humans, have a strong desire to connect with others and when we explore our thoughts and feelings with intention and understanding, we can find ourselves discovering a new path of connection and healing.

I look forward to talking with you soon about your specific needs.  Please contact me to set up an initial appointment.