Lisa Raney, L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, LPC

Professional Counselor ~ Adults

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Phone: 360-553-5899


If someone were to ask what makes me an exceptional Therapist, I would say it is my ability to make my clients feel comfortable in a therapeutic setting, which for some, as a first time client, can be very daunting.

As an older and seasoned Therapist, I have honed my skills at success with clients and attribute this mostly to life experience, which allows me to easily relate to clients, thereby creating empathy while still maintaining professional boundaries (limiting personal disclosure). Studies have shown that clients make more progress in treatment, when they feel a connection with their therapist, feel that they care and that their Therapist is an important and crucial part of their support system.

In my Therapy practice, I use a Client (person) Centered and Strengths Based approach – In other words, I start where YOU are, even with just the smallest kernal of success, and build from there. I put aside clinical jargon and prefer a common sense approach in Solution Focused Therapy, rather than use “repackaged” and “cookie cutter” therapies/theories. This allows me to communicate on the client’s level, thereby making goals more clear and easier to accomplish.

My areas of interest and speciality are: Relationships (work, partner & family conflict), Grief and Bereavement and Life Stages/changes (in particular, Older Women’s issues). I am also comfortable using the “creative” therapies such as music, humour or art therapy, when appropriate.

Prior to being in the Mental Health field, I was an Educator and still consider myself a Teacher and often use Psychoeducation and Bibliotherapy (recommend books) in my sessions with clients. For those who are interested and in regards to my Counselor’s “toolbox”, I do pull from a variety of Theorists/Therapies (Eclectic style) such as Cognitvie Behavioral Therapy, Rogerian and Adlerian of which I have loads of experience in using.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Phone: 360-553-5899

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