Pat Murray, M.S.

Exempt from licensure requirements due to specific nature of training & scope of practice

Support for Traumatic Brain Injured

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Phone: 800-544-5243


In March 2001, I tripped and hit my head on a steel frame of a door. That moment, the very moment of impact, changed my life in a profound way. For the next 3 years, I did my best to hold onto my career, my normal activities, and my level of functioning. With my vision and balance affected, and an impaired short-term memory, I failed miserably. Even after a ‘brain rehabilitation program,” I was very far from the person I was before the accident.

But after many doctor’s visits and treatments, after finding a therapist that “gets it,” and joining brain injury support groups — I am starting to come to peace with my altered state. As a person who liked to be in charge and help others, my hardest lesson has been to learn to accept help from others.

Now, being able to offer support to others and being involved with organizations focused on brain injury, I once again can use the skills of my former profession (counseling) in a meaningful way.

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