Phil Freneau, M.A.

OBLPCT, Registered LPC Intern: Clinical Supervisor: Earlyn Smith, LPC

Adult ADHD, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Life Transitions ~ Fees: $40

Practice location:

Phone: 503-964-7291


My counseling philosophy can be described as “helping people in ways they want to be helped.” I believe that when people’s needs are met they trend toward growth in their lives, that people try their best for where they currently are, and that we all have hidden beliefs and blind spots that can prevent them from seeing a path to succeed.

I am able to offer a variety of approaches and techniques to a client so that we can collaborate to find the right fit for the problem(s) they are facing; while using my empathic, curious, and non-judgmental presence to help co-create a counseling environment that facilitates growth and change in clients’ lives.

I believe that we aren’t only who we currently are, but we can become the person we want to be as long as our needs are met and we are learning and putting to use the skills we need to succeed. I can help you in this process as you learn and refine skills like processing and regulating emotions, understanding and improving relationships, and mindfulness related techniques.

Counseling can be uncomfortable at times because it can involve exploring parts of ourselves that we might not like very much or even scare us, but I believe you are in control of where we go in counseling and thus we can discuss the positives and negatives about focusing therapy on one area of life vs. another before proceeding.

I am comfortable working with most client concerns but I specialize in procrastination, change in life issues, stress, anger, managing adult ADHD, anxiety, depression.

I am happy to be able to offer the fee of $40 per one hour session for all clients, and I look forward to hearing from you. And, at this time I am happy to be able to offer telehealth counseling sessions over the phone or by video software in addition to in person sessions.

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Phone: 503-964-7291

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