Rob Shinney, M.A., M.A.O.M., N.T.P.

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Health & Nutrition Counseling

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After years of work in the study of cellular mechanisms of stress-induced diseases, Robert Sapolsky, a prominent Stanford University neuroendocrinologist stated the following in a USA Today editorial:

“A majority of Westernized diseases are related to lifestyle, and a couple of ounces of preventative measures in these realms would have a staggering impact on our health (and its costs). I’m not sure if a top priority is more research on preventative medicine, since we already know a lot about that and no one listens anyway. My point is a top priority in research should be figuring out why no one listens.”

That’s right. Many of the physical and mental afflictions of modern society, from Alzheimers to Thyroid Disorders, can be linked to deficiencies in diet and exercise. And many of us know we could eat better or exercise more. But we use coffee, soda pop, and energy drinks to get through the day. We pop over-the-counter pain medication daily. Then we use more pills to cope with our emotions. Are you sick of this merry-go-round? Do you want to feel better? I can help.

My well-rounded career in health care began in 1986 in research cardiology. I have a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, and I have run a practice as a licensed acupuncturist. My Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark included a strong emphasis on research. My passion for many years, though, has been studying the effects of lifestyle and nutrition. I completed a program of study in nutritional therapy from the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2010. My nutrition knowledge has helped me to overcome cancer, chronic disease, and autoimmune disease.

HOW CAN I HELP YOU? ~ With my experience, knowledge, and researcher’s eye I can help you cut through all the hype of the fad diets, the miracle self-help books, and the conflicting nutrition opinion. I can help you adopt a practical, enjoyable diet that you can live with. This diet will also strengthen your health. What this diet will not do is require you to spend a fortune on supplements and vitamins.

EXERCISE ~ Exercise plays a critical role in the health of our brains and bodies. In fact, research has shown that a sedentary lifestyle can be strongly linked to premature physical and mental decline. I can help you create and stick to a program of simple, regular exercise that fits your lifestyle. In fact, I am such a proponent of exercise that I lead guided walks through Portland’s old neighborhoods. Please see my website for details.

JIN SHIN JYUTSU ~ I’ve practiced this ancient Japanese energy practice to help clients balance their minds and bodies for twelve years. The effect is like taking a deep, refreshing breath and letting stress melt away all while enjoying a rejuvenating nap. Dive down deep into your quiet space in the middle of your day or week with a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment.

FEE POLICY ~ My initial consultation is free. My fee is $40 per 50 minute session and I offer a sliding scale to $25. Payment is made by cash or check at each appointment. If you miss an appointment other than due to accident or illness or if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice I ask you to honor the payment obligation for the session.


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Phone: 503-334-5106

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