Rochelle Schwartz, L.P.C.

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

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Anxiety, depression and self esteem issues can show up in our relationships — with ourselves, friends, family, co-workers, and partners.

Relationships are key to a healthy psyche. Often, one or more of those relationships aren’t going how we want them to, whether it be because of personal blind spots, not having the communication tools, an/or not knowing how to change our behaviors and feelings. I can help you understand the reasons for your difficulties and teach you helpful skills so that life feels more joyful, smooth and aligned with your desires.  I know I can help you because I’ve helped hundreds of others heal their anxiety, depression, self-esteem and relationship issues, including myself.

It feels awful – the stomach pit and tight chest, racing thoughts, self-judgments, and intense emotions like irritability and deep sadness. I don’t want you to have to struggle against the discomfort any longer. If you can’t understand why your relationships aren’t working out, what inner peace feels like, how to untangle yourself, or why you do what you do, I feel it my purpose to guide you.

I believe that if we heal ourselves, we can shine our light onto others, causing a domino effect of folks helping folks — of kindness and empathy toward each other, because we’ve finally given it to ourselves.

I offer in person as well as teletherapy sessions. Studies show telehealth to be equally if not more beneficial than traditional therapy as folks can do it from the comfort and privacy of their own home (or car, office, conference room, etc.) and don’t have to spend extra time and money in traffic and on transportation/gas. Additionally, if one of us is traveling, slightly ill, or there’s inclement weather, we won’t have to miss sessions.

I work with teens, individuals, and couples, and offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation, as well as weekly “homework” between sessions. If you desire self-discovery, healing, and the ability to look back on this life phase and say, “I am more content today because I went through that”, contact me.