Ronald Johnson, CADC, LPC

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, LPC

Mindfulness & Holistic Counseling Services ~ Addictions

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Phone: 503-734-0552
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Insurance accepted: Optum, Providence, Regence BCBS, United Healthcare, Out-of-Network for other carriers.

I offer mindfulness-based and holistic services to those affected by stress, anxiety, depression, and various unwanted addictive behaviors. Stressors can be from work, relationships, or concerns about the World, among others.  Addictive cycles can include drugs or alcohol, food, or destructive romantic patterns. I also treat co-occurring problems including anxiety and stress-reduction, weight-loss, and career re-assessment.

Within the context of mindfulness-based approaches, these types of behaviors are seen as being driven by unconscious pressures that can be brought into awareness and resolved. These activities are filling a void in one’s life that can be replaced by a sense of wholeness, completeness, autonomy, and authenticity.

Clients engage in several traditional counseling approaches to reconnect with a deeper sense of self, including talk therapy designed to create an awareness of meaning in one’s life, acceptance of one’s life in the present moment as well as expression of future directions, clarity, openness, love and a positive outlook. Additional techniques include breath work, mindfulness meditation on the breath and inner emotions, and mental scanning and awakening of the energy field of the inner body. Clients may practice visualization of triggers and situations that are known to stimulate the urge to indulge in undesirable behaviors and learn means to allow these feelings to pass in the moments they occur. Gradually, less constrictive thought processes replace these conditioned reactions and released energies are poured into new areas of growth.

Clients may receive support for physical regimens at local gyms or yoga studios, as well as combined reassessment of educational goals, occupational and relational potentials as desired, to provide for holistic, long term, ongoing health, directed to life as a fully-functioning being in the present moment.

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Phone: 503-734-0552

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