Sarah Campsey, M.S.W.

Mental Wellness Redefined


We all can get lost, distracted and discouraged on our journeys.

The good news is we already have answers within. If they are lost or hidden at times, I can help. I’ll listen carefully to your story and together we will re-discover what has always been there — your own personal cure!

My counseling style is inspired by my Native American roots. It is grounded in balancing body, mind, and spirit and welcomes the role of nature in our lives.  Our sessions will always be grounded in authenticity and personal empowerment. I hold an MSW (master’s degree in social work) and I’m working toward my LCSW license with a special focus on natural healing.

I am passionate about serving those who have the least amount of access and resources.  We all deserve to be well no matter where we come from or how we have arrived, so I offer generous sliding fee options to anyone needing them.

I am also an aspiring  herbalist. I’m in a nationally recognized herbal training program here in Portland. In 2 years I will graduate and create a space for people who struggle with mental wellness and the side effects of traditional medications by offering them pharmaceutical free, personalized cures.

Away from the office, I’ll be with my kids, (real kids and furry ones!) hiking, camping, kayaking and paddleboarding. Oregon Duck football is also a favorite.  : )

I look forward to hearing your story!

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