Sona Joiner, J.D.

Oregon State Bar #840133

Attorney at Law ~ Employment, Discrimination

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Phone: 503 944-9192
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Thank you for taking the time to read this.  While you’re perhaps searching for a mental health counselor, I offer counsel of a different kind ~ legal counsel.

I am a caring, thoughtful and competent attorney.  My practice for over 25 years is all about defending people’s legal rights. I work with clients on issues regarding employment, discrimination, personal injury and in alleged criminal acts. I do not work in areas of family, marriage/divorce or child law.

I try to keep my fees as low as possible so that even a minimal wage person can afford to get legal help.  I also take pro bono cases, meaning I do not charge at all, in certain types of cases.  I really enjoy people, and really enjoy helping them.

I work with minorities, especially the Hispanic population, as I am fluent in Spanish.  I have been complimented by many colleagues and judges over the years for my representation of my clients.  Call me, and I will be glad to discuss your case with you on a free phone consultation.