Stephenie C. Szumny, L.P.C.

Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselor

Adults, Couples, Families, Youth & Children

Practice location:

Phone: 503-395-4648

Specialized Expertise: Parenting, Pregnancy & Post-Partum Needs
Relationships, Intimacy, Childhood Abuse, Attachment, Anxiety and Depression

Our problems occur when there is a discrepancy between what we want and what we are experiencing. As adults, we struggle with the leftover impact of abuse, neglect or abandonment during childhood. These childhood experiences can harm our sense of well-being and belonging as adults. I believe that given the opportunity we all have the ability to move through these setbacks, reaffirm our commitment to our life goals and find inner peace.

As a board certified, licensed professional counselor, I’ve enjoyed serving every age group — children and parents, youth, adults, couples, and families. I practice therapy from a person-centered philosophy. I believe that you are the expert on your personal situation and have the means to resolve your problems within a safe therapeutic relationship.

To quote Twohig, M. (2004) ~

“It’s like you’re in the process of climbing up a big mountain that has lots of dangerous places on it. My job is to watch out for you and shout out directions if I can see places you might slip or hurt yourself. But I’m not able to do this because I’m standing at the top of your mountain, looking down at you. If I’m able to help you climb your mountain, it’s because I’m on my own mountain, just across a valley. I don’t have to know anything about exactly what it feels like to climb your mountain to see where you are about to step, and what might be a better path for you to take.”

My special areas of interest are relationships, intimacy, attachment, anxiety, and depression (especially related to pregnancy and birth). I have extensive training working with parents who desire to increase their bonds with little as young as 2 years old.

You deserve space in your day to carve out time to tell your story. I’m pleased to help you unravel these negative experiences to allow room for joy and purpose in your life. I am here to help – and more than willing to listen.

I invite you to reach out for a free 20-minute consultation. You can reach me at 503-395-4648 or send an email to me