Lynne Joy Nesbit, M.S.

Director / Founder, Wise Counsel & Comfort

"Creative, Compassionate, Challenging Conversations"

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Here is the first paragraph of my marketing materials from years ago:

“It is a genuine privilege to work as a counselor and therapist, to be trusted with the most personal of your concerns as you explore and examine whatever it may be that stands in the way of you being able to have the life you desire.”

Over almost twenty years, I served more than a thousand clients and couples in my private practice, and thousands more at Providence Portland, Tualatin Valley, Portland State University, and Portland Adventist Medical Center. I am no longer a Licensed Professional Counselor, and as a result, do not offer assessments, diagnosis or treatment of mental, emotional or behavioral disorders. That being said, I still count it as a genuine privilege to be trusted with the most personal of your concerns, and I’m honored to help you examine whatever it is that stands in the way of having the life you desire!

(If your needs call for a licensed clinician, I am pleased to help you connect with one of my colleagues.)

Face to face, I am supportive and compassionate, I have a quick sense of humor and a deep sense of spirit. And I’m willing to ask hard questions. I find it’s important to find and face the truth, and learn to say it out loud. So many of us are just uncomfortable with speaking the truth. (“Don’t rock the boat … don’t make waves … don’t cause a scene.”)  But being able to recognize the truth about what you think and feel, and saying it out loud, can make so many parts of life better.  Asking for what you want, and setting boundaries absolutely depends upon it!

I have found that nurturing core values of honesty, open-mindedness, willingness and courageous compassion for self and others will serve you well.

Friends have asked what it is that I offer, now that I’m no longer a Licensed Professional Counselor. It will probably evolve over time, but for now, what I offer is “Creative, Compassionate, Challenging Conversations.”

My fees are based solely on what you are able to afford.

If you’d like to see me, or would like my help making a decision about who might best meet your or your loved ones’ counseling needs, please give me a call in Portland at 503-504-8870, or e-mail me at: I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Lynne Joy

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Phone: 503-504-8870

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